Grigory Ivliev

Grigory Ivliev



Director General of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)


Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Class 1 Active State Advisor, and PhD in Law, Associate Professor, and Secretary of the Union of Writers of Russia.

Mr. Ivliev a Russian national born in Paniki, Ryazan Region on 27 September 1957.

1974-1976 – taught German and Geography in Maksovskaya School (Ryazan Region).

1981 – Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

1984 – PhD in Law, Associate Professor.




1985-1994 – Moscow State Law Academy, Assistant, Senior Professor, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean, Dean of Faculty.

1994-1997 – Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Reform, Legal Department of the State Duma.

1998-2002 - Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the Department for Relations with the Federal Assembly, NGOs and Religious Organizations.

2002-2007 - State Duma, Head of the Legal Department.

Mr. Ivliev took part in the development of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Intellectual Property) and other laws in order to bring Russian legislation on the judicial system and legal proceedings in conformity with the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993.

2007-2011 - State Duma Deputy of 5th convocation.

During the work as the Chairman of the Culture Committee Mr. Ivliev participated in developing and introducing of 49 draft laws.

The legislation on librarianship was established. Draft laws codifying definitions «national library collection" and "book monuments" were adopted.

Mr. Ivliev is co-author of the Federal Law “On child protection from information injured their health and development”.

He initiated:

- Amendments to the Federal Laws "On the import and export of cultural values" - in order to stimulate the import of cultural values to the territory of the Russian Federation;

- Amendments to the tax and budget legislation exempting cultural institutions from taxation;

- Amendments to the Federal Law "On state support of cinematography in the Russian Federation" - in terms of improvement of the system of creation and screening, which contributed to the reform of the financial mechanism of all domestic film industry.

He worked on the changes in:

- The Federal Law "On Placing of Orders for Suppliers of Goods, Works and Services for State and Municipal needs");

- The Federal Law "On the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation and Museums in the Russian Federation" in terms of definition of the museum-preserve and types of its activities;

- Federal Law "On Objects of Cultural Heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the Russian Federation."

The specifics of artistic education in Russia were formalized in the legislation. Unique educational system (Children's Art School - creative school - high school) was fixed in the three laws. Amendments to the Federal Law "On Education", the Federal Law "On General Principles of Organization of Legislative and Executive Bodies" and the Federal Law "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education" in terms of:

- Improving the regulation of activity of children's schools of arts;

- Introduction of assistantship as a form of post-graduate training in creative and performing specialties;

- Integrated secondary professional education in the field of art.

In collaboration with leading creative unions and cultural professionals, Mr. Ivliev prepared the draft of new basic law "On culture".

Mr. Ivliev was awarded by honorary mention of the President of the Russian Federation, the diplomas of the Government of the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

2011-2015 - State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. He supervised activity on statutory regulation, work of scientific and educational institutions, libraries, archives, issues of copyright and related rights. He was in charge of the project on the creation of a National Electronic Library (NEL).




Author of more than 100 scientific works such as “The Constitution of Russia and Development of Culture," "Improvement of the Legislation on the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Russian Federation", "Copyright in Libraries: Practical Effect” and etc.

"The Participation of the Government in the Legislative Process", "Comment on the Regulations of the State Duma", "Cultural Policies and Development of Legislation on Culture in the Russian Federation: articles and speeches", "Culture and the Law on Culture," textbooks "Criminal Proceedings "and" Labor Law "(co-authored) other study guides, as well as articles "Constitution of Russia and Development of Culture", "Library System as an Information and Cultural Basis for the Innovative Development of Russia", "Improvement of the Legislation on the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Russian Federation", "Copyright in Libraries: Practical Effect ","Spiritual Unity and Diversity", "Traditions of Culture and Lessons of the Crisis", "Current Legal Issues in the Field of Culture ","State Accreditation of Organizations for Collective Management "and many others.

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