In connection with automatic processing patent documents in a digital format accuracy of search is not guaranteed and mistakes are possible in the submitted bibliographic information 


DB name RUPAT_OLD - retrospective DB
Time period  1924 - 1993
Kind of documents  A1, A2, A3, A4
Number of documents 1432095
Update interval In process of information's preparation  on DVD
Country RU (SU)
Language Russian
Thematic Polythematic
DB type Full-text (graphics included)
DB description DB contains full texts of the Russian patent documents till 1994 in a facsimile form*
DB fields structure DB Fields Structure
DB document sample Document Sample (in Russian)


* Information search in DB is possible( on recognized (OCR) to the text of the document.  All parts of the document are accessible to viewing in a facsimile kind.

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