National Bureau of Intellectual Property Examination: New rules for consideration of administrative disputes by Rospatent entered into force


On September 6, 2020, the "Rules for consideration and resolution of administrative disputes by the federal executive body on intellectual property", approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economic Development, came into force, replacing the previous version of April 23, 2003. Among the objects of intellectual rights, a new means of individualization has appeared - a geographical indication. In the case of submitting documents on paper, it is mandatory to attach an electronic media with copies of all submitted documents. Formal verification of an objection or statement will be completed within five working days. When sending a request at the stage of formal verification, the applicant will be given two months to eliminate the circumstances that caused the request, after which it will take up to ten working days to verify their elimination and make a decision based on the results.

Documents and materials, as well as other information on the case will be published on the official website within five working days from the date of their receipt. The head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev separately noted that "filing an application through the Rospatent website and electronic interaction with the parties will facilitate the work of the department's experts, as well as reduce the risks of infecting with COVID-19."



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