Korean Red Ginseng registered as the first foreign GI in Russia


On February 26, 2021, Rospatent granted legal protection on the territory of the Russian Federation to the first foreign geographical indication – “Korean Red Ginseng” (고려홍삼).

Registration of geographical indications became possible in Russia since July 27, 2020 with the adoption of the Federal law of 26.07.2019 No. 230-FZ.

The applicant is the Korea Ginseng Association, a legal entity comprised of 120 producers of Korean red ginseng, organized by the Government of the Republic of Korea to promote the development of the ginseng industry.

The root of Korean red ginseng is grown exclusively in the Republic of Korea, in territories that have specific geographical and natural characteristics.

The processing of raw materials is carried out in accordance with the standards established by the Korea Ginseng Association, ensuring the characteristic appearance and chemical composition of the product.



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