Vladimir Putin spoke about the support of talented children


Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin

According to the statement of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the educational center “Sirius” in Sochi, all talented children should be able to prove themselves and the state will additionally support the gifted ones. Sirius managed to provide real and equal opportunities for students from all regions. “This helps them to reveal their abilities, their talent, receive education at the junction of several disciplines at once, engage in creativity and sports at the same time, work in teams of high-tech Russian companies, participate in scientific and engineering projects.” Sirius University of Science and Technology will begin work in 2019, which will conduct training in key areas of global technological development: information technology, artificial intelligence, genetics, life sciences, and cognitive research. The University will be the core of the Innovation Science and Technology Center in the Imeretian Valley. In 2020, the Imeretian Lyceum will open, where the pupils of Sirius and motivated and highly talented students will be able to constantly live and study there. Thus, a unique model of education is being created in Sochi, which “in the full sense meets the high requirements of the future”. See publication text:

Latukhina K. Vladimir Putin spoke about the support of talented children // Rossiyskaya Gazeta.- 2019.- August 6.- Access mode: https://rg.ru/2019/08/06/reg-ufo/vladimir-putin-rasskazal-o-podderzhke-talantlivyh-detej.html [08/07/2019]

See also: Galanina A., Izotov S. Grant children: the amount of support for talented youth will increase from 2020. Vladimir Putin announced the expansion of the presidential program for students and schoolchildren // Izvestia.- 2019.- August 7.- Access mode: https://iz.ru/907143/angelina-galanina-sergei-izotov/deti-granta-obem-podderzhki-talantlivoi-molodezhi-uvelichat-s-2020-goda [08/07/2019]



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