In the near future Rospatent will create a unified Eurasian register of pharmaceutical substances



According to the Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev during his speech at the online conference “What are the challenges facing the state and the pharmaceutical industry in modern conditions?”, The Office is ready to maintain a single Eurasian register of pharmacologically active substances protected by invention patents, which will appear in the near future. The registry will allow you to effectively create generics. The timing of the introduction of a generic drug will be clear to everyone, and the market will be oriented towards it. WIPO has already created a similar database, but it is incomplete. The task of Rospatent is to enable the copyright holder, if desired, to place in the register data on the chemical compounds invented by him. This will make it possible to immediately use, including in the fight against coronavirus, drugs, agents, test systems that will be created.


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