Rospatent Ranked among Top-3 State Agencies in LegalTech Implementation



According to Deloitte Legal research study, Rospatent was named one of the three leaders in the implementation of LegalTech (digital platforms for legal services optimization) among government agencies.

"Rospatent managed to redesign quickly the examination process", said Managing Partner at Deloitte Legal CIS Ms. Anna Kostyra during her interview with ITAR-TASS News Agency in course of the Distant & Digital Conference. She specified that the Federal Tax Service (FTS) was the leader among the Russian public authorities, followed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

Today, Rospatent is a truly «digital agency» providing more than 70% of its services in digital format, while all its internal administrative procedures are paperless. Besides, within the framework of the National Strategy on Digital Economy, Rospatent has started beta-testing of developed digital platforms and services. The launch of the new IT products will transform the provision of public services and make it fully digital. Among these services are Rospatent Search Platform, Online Rospatent (multifunctional account for users), IP Rights Management, Individualization Means Examination (allows searching for declared notations by word elements and graphic images), 3D Model Registry, and a number of other online services, as well as the complete switch to the issuance of an electronic IP rights documents starting from 2021.

"We witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization. Being a market leader today means generating ideas, developing, implementing, and protecting new solutions before the competitors. Rospatent has been working extensively on new information technologies for several years. In 2019, we have put a lot of effort to ensure that Russian entrepreneurs could easily and timely obtain IP-related services. Rospatent’s digital services are based on a flexible methodology allowing to improve the functionality and interface according to users’ feedback", said Rospatent’s Head Mr. Grigory Ivliev.




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