Rospatent Received Three Applications for Vaccines against Coronavirus in April



In April 2020 Rospatent received three applications for the invention of vaccines against coronavirus, two of which are domestic patent applications. As of May 14, 2020, FIPS is considering 30 applications for inventions and 13 applications for utility models, which describe the inventions used in the field for fighting against coronavirus and related diseases. Since Rospatent ensured priority consideration of applications in the following field, patents were granted for three applications for inventions and two applications for utility models. Earlier, during the meeting on the development of genetic technologies President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted the importance of ensuring protection of intellectual property. According to the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev, combined efforts and rapid creation of an effective vaccine with subsequent registration in Rospatent will help to prevent the spread of infection both within our country and abroad.


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