RIA News: Russia issued 74 patents for developments to combat coronavirus


Photo: Fotolia / capifrutta

According to the Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Office has received 401 applications for developments aimed at combating the COVID-19 virus: 263 for inventions, 138 for utility models, and also issued 74 patents for them. Most of the applications came from individuals: for inventions - 125, for utility models - 72. Legal entities filed 65 applications for inventions and 35 for utility models. Research institutes and scientific institutions have submitted 54 applications for inventions and two for utility models. Educational institutions and universities have filed 11 applications for inventions and 29 for utility models.


In Russia 74 patents were issued for developments to combat coronavirus // RIA News. - 2020. - November 6. - URL: https://ria.ru/20201106/koronavirus-1583323865.html [06.11.2020].



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