Harm to benefit: Rospatent considers covid inventions in 20 days



According to Deputy Director of FIPS Tatyana Erivantseva at the International Conference of Rospatent "Transformation of the Intellectual Property Field in Modern Conditions ", from April to September 2020, domestic inventors submitted 340 applications for inventions and utility models in the field of technologies related to combat viruses and concomitant diseases, of which 60 was registered. Applications for the development of vaccines and drugs aimed at combating coronavirus and its complications, in the field of diagnostics of viral infection, medical devices that ensure the respiratory function of a person and implement the delivery of drugs to the lungs, disinfection and sterilization technologies, as well as personal protective equipment. Since few institutions that have commercially promising technologies can conduct additional R&D to obtain a patent application, specialized foundations and development institutions can help them with financing these stages of development. With foreign patenting, costs can be optimized by applying for a patent not to national, but to regional offices, which extend their protection immediately to a group of states.

A. Duel, Harm to benefit: Rospatent considers covid inventions in 20 days // Rossiyskaya Gazeta - 2020. - October 18. – URL: https://rg.ru/2020/10/18/kovidnye-izobreteniia-rospatent-rassmatrivaet-za- 20-dnej.html [19.10.2020]



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