Opportunity Park: Silk Road Chinese-Russian Innovation Park stimulates bilateral cooperation as part of the One Belt, One Way Initiative


The Silk Road Chinese-Russian Innovation Park is one of the important strategic cooperation projects within the framework of intergovernmental relations between China and Russia. Over the past three years, the Chinese and Russian segments of the park have provided a number of opportunities for cooperation between enterprises of the two countries, as well as realization of scientific-technological, trade and economic, humanitarian projects developed by efforts of their universities. The park holds a set of activities in the field of high technologies, including the First Chinese-Russian Competition of Innovative Industrial Projects, the Chinese-Russian Innovation Forum in the field of industry and technology “Silk Road” and other events.

On the basis of the results of the measures taken, a list of outstanding innovative R&D projects was developed, aimed at accelerating the implementation of scientific and technological achievements in production and promoting a highly efficient development of manufacturing process. The years 2020-2021 are declared the Years of Scientific, Technical and Innovative Exchange and Cooperation of China and Russia.

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