Is it easy to be an author? Interview with the Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev for "Meditsinskaya Gazeta"


Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev told the reporters of “Meditsinskaya Gazeta” that the system of stimulating inventive activity comprises taking the following measures: reviewing the regulations for paying remuneration for creating company’s inventions, preparing professional human resources in the field of patent services, developing the infrastructure that supports transfer of technologies between the Universities and R&D establishments and industrial structures, and businesses. Today Rospatent is one of the most efficient patent offices in the world: it takes six months to register an invention. The office further formed a special program to assist patenting abroad. It proposed to form a Unified Register of Active Substances comprising pharmacological activity, that are protected by the patents for inventions, in order to minimize the number of conflicts due to the inventors of some reference preparations and generics wanting to become right holders of certain medical substances. Providing a clear list of patented substances with identified terms of patents will allow the pharmatheutical industry to launch new preparations quicker on the market. A patent guarantees that the healthcare industry can use new technologies and medications, that were approved and the effectiveness of which was confirmed by the research, and then verified by Rospatent.


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