Credits secured by intellectual property - for SMEs and not only. Part III



According to the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev, banks work with intellectual property rights (IP) around the world. In Russia today, only 2-6 companies a year receive financing secured by patent rights.

Russian banks do not pledge patent rights as the main type of loan security. They, as a rule, acting as a pledge to ordinary assets, serving as an additional guarantee for the bank to repay the loan. According to G. Ivliev, the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects within the framework of the national project on SMEs has decided to establish a guarantee mechanism based on the National Guarantee System. In this model, responsibility for the loan body and interest in case of default is distributed between the bank and the guaranteeing organization. At a meeting of the working group of the State Council on SMEs, Rospatent proposed four key measures for the development of this type of lending: to recommend the Bank of Russia to work out the issue of attracting banks to implement lending activities secured by IP rights; SME corporations with the participation of Rospatent need to identify regional guarantee organizations that will participate in the provision of guarantees for the assessment of IP rights; change the reserve standards of credit organizations for possible losses on loans related to the pledge of rights to IP; to form professional competencies in the assessment and management of IP rights of the most effective regional guaranteeing organizations. The Ministry of Economic Development on July 22, 2019 introduced a draft resolution, which should improve the rules for subsidizing loans to SMEs secured by intellectual rights.

See text of publication: I. Smaznevich. Loans secured by intellectual property - for SMEs and not only. Part III // 4science.- 2019.- August 5.- Access mode: https://4science.ru/articles/Krediti-pod-zalog-intellektualnoi-sobstvennosti-dlya-MSP-i-ne-tolko-11-07-2019 [08.08.2019]



Credits against intellectual property — for SMEs and not only. Part I-II




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