Strokes are not scary

Russian technology for stimulating blood vessels growth will help those who are at risk due to blood circulation problems.

Patent: 2737487

Authors: Ekaterina Slobodkina, Maxim Karagyaur, Vadim Balabanyan, Elena Parfenova, Pavel Makarevich, Zhanna Akopyan, Vsevolod Tkachuk

Patent holder: "Gene and Cell Therapy", Ltd



Strokes are the most serious problem in modern society. Difficulties with blood supply to the tissues of brain or heart, resulting from disfunction of the circulatory system, mainly our vascular "network", often cause, especially in our country, sudden and even premature death, as well as a large number of neurological disorders. Especially in adulthood. Strokes, like cancer, are the main obstacles to prolonging and improving the quality of life. Many factors can affect our blood vessels: from "bad" genes to sedentary lifestyle, from unbalanced diet to injuries.

Russian scientists suggest treating strokes using a genetically engineered construction to stimulate angiogenesis. In fact, a medicine to enhance the growth of new blood vessels. The plasmid construction invented by domestic biotechnologists contains two genes (hHGF gene of the human hepatocyte growth factor and hVEGF165 gene of the vascular endothelial growth factor), therefore it is also called bicystronic. When injected into body, these genes make it possible to synthesize necessary proteins in optimal proportions, "boosting" the growth of new vessels in affected tissues and helping to restore blood supply.
Based on this invention, it is easy to create a pharmaceutical composition that can be injected parenterally, intramuscularly, or by any other means to deliver the compound to cells and tissues. It opens up wide opportunities for replicating the invention, preventing and treating vascular diseases, as well as eliminating their consequences.

Details are found in the patent publication.




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