Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Uruguay join Flagship tools


As of 30 July 2018 the National Directorate of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay (DNPI) has made its trade mark and design data available to the TMview and DesignView search tools.

Also on 30 July 2018 the General Directorate of Intellectual Property of Honduras (DIGEPIH) has made its design data available to DesignView.

Equally on 30 July 2018 DNPI and the National Registry Centre of El Salvador (CNR) join TMclass with the latest version of the Nice classification.

Additionally on 30 July 2018 the National Registry of the Republic of Costa Rica (RNPCR) has decided to use the list of goods and services from the harmonised database (HDB) in TMclass.

With DNPI on board TMview now contains data from 67 participating offices and with DNPI and DIGEPIH joining DesignView this tool now offers data from 67 offices.

The last addition of DNPI, CNR and RNPCR in TMclass brings the total number of national and regional IP Offices in the tool to 70.

Likewise with RNPCR decision to use HDB there are now 3 non-EU IP offices that use and accept terms from this database.

With the addition of more than 325.000 trade marks from DNPI, TMview provides information and access to more than 51,1 million trade marks in total. Designview contains more than 13,9 million designs, including more than 1200 designs from DNPI and more than 400 from DIGEPIH.

Since the introduction of TMview on 13 April 2010, the tool has served more than 44,9 million searches from 166 different countries, with Spain, China and Germany among the most frequent users. As to DesignView it went live on 19 November 2012 and has since then served more than 3,9 million searches from 163 different countries, with users from the UK, Germany and China among the most frequent users.

TMclass offers users the opportunity to search and translate goods and services to and from any of the 44 available languages available.

Similarly with the extension of the reach of HDB to RNPCR through TMclass, this tool now offers users the possibility to search and translate more than 58.000 harmonised concepts among 30 IP offices.

The implementations of DNPI, DIGEPIH, CNR and RNPCR in the flagship tools are concrete results of the IP Key Latin America programme directed by the European Commission and executed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

You can find out more at www.tmdn.org and www.ipkey.eu.



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