Online Presentations of Rospatent's new digital platforms and services

On April 22 and 23, Rospatent organized a series of webinars on YouTube with more than 400 participants and nearly 2000 views worldwide.



Experts and representatives of Russian and international organizations, authorities and business community, including more than 120 representatives of WIPO, EPO, EUIPO, EAPO, as well as participants from Patent Offices of Brazil, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and other countries,  joined the online broadcast on Rospatent's YouTube channel to discuss the upcoming digital projects of Rospatent. The event was moderated by Deputy Head of Rospatent Mr Zubov and Deputy Director of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property Mr Gorbunov. 



On April 22 a "Digital platform for patent information search" was presented. 

The system will provide everyone with free and open access to professional searching tools using AI technology. The search will be conducted through published Russian and international patent and non-patent document collections, including full texts and abstracts. 

Victor Kuzmin and Anton Korzhikov, the directors of the project software development team from Rostelecom company, presented the platform. They demonstrated the advantages of the system, explained the development process and the implementation steps. The platform will allow its users in real-time to obtain, convert and publish data collected from the global patent collection, including big data in many languages, and to process it using AI methods. 

Currently, a prototype of the system is implemented on the Rospatent server, with more than 2,5 millions of documents from the Russian and Soviet patent collections. 

In the future, it is expected to attract up to one million users by the end of 2021. 



On April 23, developers presented two digital projects. The first is “Online Rospatent” - a system which allows fully digital interaction with an applicant, consolidation of all users' messages on providing legal protection for objects for IP rights protection, including those received from abroad and through various means, both online and offline. The second is “Intellectual system of examining means of individualization”. This fundamentally new system will allow to improve the quality of submitted applications and to reduce the time spent on their examination. Everyone will be able to gain access to professional search on trademarks and industrial designs, as well as the search for similar signs using means and methods of AI. 

At the end of each presentation, moderators and speakers answered a series of questions from legal specialists, representatives of the business community, mass media, patentholders, and European Patent Office. 



  • Yuri Zubov (Роспатент), «Digital services», 22.04.2020 (download; PDF – 962 Kb)

  • Victor Kuzmin, Anton Korzhikov (PJSC “Rostelecom”), “Implementation of the national program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" to create a Digital Patent Information Search Platform”, 22.04.2020 (download; PDF – 2,1 Mb)

  • Tatiana Sokolova (“CROC incorporated”), “Development of State Information System (GIS) Online Rospatent”, 23.04.2020 (download; PDF – 903 Kb)

  • Nargiza Atadzhanova («Software Product Group»), “State information system «Intelligent system for the examination of means of individualization»”, 23.04.2020 (download; PDF – 2,5 Mb)

  • Vadim Kokunov («Informatsionnie technologii budushchego»), “Distributed ledger for intellectual property rights and designations within the IP marketplace state information system”, 24.04.2020 (download; PDF – 1,9 Mb)

  • Mikhail Popov (LLC «Comlogic»), “State information system for supporting management decisions in the field of intellectual property”, 24.04.2020 (download; PDF – 3,3 Mb)





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