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The new technology of Russian doctors will allow to quickly detect the presence of biopathogens in the air

Patent: 2717671

Authors: Denis Kleimenov, Sergey Dolgushin, Pavel Shalaev, Bakhtiyar Verdiev, Evgeny Gorsky, Vladimir Gushchin, Artem Tkachuk, Alexander Gintsburg

Patent holder: Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.



Measures to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus infection are being taken worldwide. Russian doctors have patented a new technology that allows monitoring and detecting biopathogens: pathogenic bacterias, viruses, etc.

The technology named the “Method of multiplex immunological analysis of biological samples from the air in automatic mode” consists of several key stages. The device collects air particles (bioaerosol), transfers them to a liquid state, automatically prepares the samples for analysis, and then analyzes them via a multiplex immunological analyzer. The immunological analysis reactor is a container made from a chemically resistant material with a volume of 1.5 ml with a maintained temperature of 37 ° C. Analysis of air samples is carried out using special fluorescence tags, which are read from the samples using a laser. In some types of analysis, special detector antibodies may be used.

The technology patented by Russian doctors allows automatic continuous multiplex immunological analysis of air on the presence of harmful microorganisms and viruses in it. It may be used to take operational measures to protect people and animals from the destructive effects of bacteria, viruses, toxins, genetic vectors, and even nanoparticles. The method’s advantage over analogs is in the developed automatic system of “sample preparation” of samples for immunological analysis.

Thus, the technology disclosed in the patent reduces the time of the study of the sample, provides continuous monitoring of the air composition, primarily in medical institutions, and also increases the accuracy of identifying biopathogens, including COVID-19.




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