Antenna for drones


Patent number: 2743624

Author: Sergey Alekseytsev; Dmitry Bukhtiyarov; Anatoly Gorbachev; Maria Polyakova

Patent owner: Novosibirsk State Technical University


The growing popularity of unmanned vehicles such as household and industrial drones, driverless cars and courier platforms creates a demand for equipment that can provide stable communication both with the control point (remote control) and between the controlled devices. Such equipment is necessary for drones, cars belonging to a taxi network, carsharing services, or a courier service.

To build such mobile networks, in which operational management and a high degree of reliability are critical, dipole ultra-high frequency antennas are used. A dipole antenna is an antenna working simultaneously in two (E and H) planes. This makes it possible to receive a signal without distortion from a control point (remote control) in one plane and to exchange signals with other nodes of the network in another plane.

The scientists at Novosibirsk State Technical University have developed a new type of ultra-high frequency dipole antenna. The novelty of the invention consists in the compact size, its structural simplicity and, as a result, a considerable economic advantage over the prototype. In addition, the antenna demonstrates high reliability and signal strength. The device can be easily attached to the body of cars, drones or courier robots, as well as inside the outer shell of the devices while maintaining its ability to operate smoothly at ultra-high frequency



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