3D-matrix pill structure for drug administration


Patent Nb: 2740287

Authors: Anna Skuridina, Irina Le-Dagen, Elena Kudryashova

Patent holder: Московский государственный университет имени М.В. Ломоносова


In medical practice, the so-called sustained-release dosage forms are widely used. Just like a regular pill, it contains an active substance. However, in contrast to the standard dosage forms, the sustained-release dosage forms release active substance into the body by microdoses over a long period of time. They can be used to reduce the number of administrations of a drug, reduce the irritating effect on the stomach and intestines, reduce the number of side effects, etc.

With this unique invention of Russian scientists, it is possible not only to achieve the long-lasting effect of the sustained-release dosage forms, but also to strictly control the dosage of the active substance. The specific 3D-matrix structure of the pill which uses the complexes of the β-cyclodextrin derivative makes it possible to clearly determine the exact lifetime of the sustained-release dosage form, and the exact dosage of the active substance entering a patient’s body per unit of time.

The technology described in the patent significantly reduces the negative impact on humans of the use of strong antibacterial and anti-tumor drugs.



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