Aircraft automatic control system

Russian fighter jets MiG-35 are set to be equipped with the new automatic landing system.

Patent № 2703378

Authors: Yuri Arkhipkin, Egor Evdokimchik, Vladimir Kabakov, Evgeny Kazakov, Evgeny Kisin, Igor Lyubzhin, Yuri Obolensky, Sergey Orlov, Sergey Yudis

Patentee: MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation

“Engineers of “MiG” Corporation (incorporated into PJSC “UAC”) received the patent for the landing approach aircraft automatic control system. This digital complex enhances safety of flying in adverse weather conditions, enables pilot to hold the glide path in an automatic mode and in a shorter time and to continue descent till visibility appears”, - the company’s press release says.

The newly developed digital landing system includes multiple innovative units, drives, and systems. It is also installed with navigation and measuring complexes.

According to the representatives of “MiG”, a new aircraft landing system has undergone flight tests and proved effective with the pilot’s positive assessment. It is expected that the system will be used in the new MiG-29M / M2 and MiG-35 fighter jets, and it also likely to have excellent chances of being integrated into the civil aviation industry.



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