Vaccine against pox


Patent: 2693440

Authors: Vitali Zverev, Firaja Nagiyev, Elena Barkova, Olga Osokina

Patent holder: the Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums (FGBNU NIIVS named after Mechnikov)



Modern medicine has defeated many diseases that were previously considered cureless. Scientific discoveries and large-scale preventive work almost eliminated the threat of spread of diseases such as, for example, smallpox.

The basis for any prevention is vaccines. As a rule, there are any given disease components like bacterial cell walls in their composition. The more exactly such pathogen components are selected, the longer the immunity is maintained. Even the “territorial binding” can influence the characteristics of causative agents of the disease therefore the local special features of the viruses must be taken into account by the vaccine for prophylaxis.

In Russia, it was important to get our own vaccinal strains isolated on the territory of our country. Russian scientists suggested using attenuated vFiraVax strain of the Varicella zoster virus for vaccines. Its advantages are in a much more effective biological effect, due to the local origin of the virus, and, therefore, in more effective prevention and long-term immunity when using the invention as a smallpox monovalent vaccine.



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