Grigory Ivliev: “We observe the stagnation of patenting on the background of growing economic activity”

The head of Rospatent made such a statement at the meeting of the Intellectual Property Council under the Federation Council, which discussed possible measures to stimulate inventive activity in the Russian Federation.

According to Grigory Ivliev, the growth of applications for inventions recorded in 2018 did not change the general trend in the field of intellectual property: with the active growth of trademark registrations, the number of applications for a patent for an invention has not changed for several years. The change in stagnation, according to the head of the patent office, requires the active participation of the state.

The head of Rospatent gave an example of how an active position of the state helped to increase the patent activity of research institutions and research institutes. The same perseverance, according to Grigory Ivliev, must be shown when implementing other proposals of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Rospatent, the inventive community.

He emphasized that the citation requirement of scientific publications should not serve as a substitute for patenting, since the publication does not provide the necessary legal protection and does not provide an opportunity for the commercialization of research and development results.

Based on the proposals of Rospatent, inclusion of indicators on patent activity in state programs is being worked out. It is also proposed to introduce into the state programs the requirement to conduct patent research before the start of R&D and to include in the programs the articles of expenses for their implementation, as well as expenses for patenting.

One of the most important measures the head of Rospatent called securing in the legislation guaranteed remuneration for inventors, the share of authors of inventions in profit from sales of products using their inventions.

A new version of the law on business inventions is needed.

Another stimulating measure will be the development of education in the field of IP, —“Solving these tasks must be provided in the national strategy for the development of IP. Having developed and adopted this most important document we can count on a technological and innovative breakthrough”.



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