New medicine against COVID-19



AuthorsStanislav Evdokimov, Andrey Ulitin, Valery Soloviev, Alexey Alexandrov, Julia Chernykh, Timofey Nemankin, Anna Vladimirova, Oleg Smotrov, Tatyana Chernovskaya, Alexander Moshchenko, Victoria Nalobina, Roman Ivanov, Dmitry Morozov

Patent holder: BIOCAD



In world practice there are cases when drugs previously developed to combat certain diseases contain properties that help to prevent other diseases. For example, metformin (trade name Glucophage) was developed to combat diabetes, and was subsequently used against pancreatic cancer and weight loss. The sleeping pill thalidomide (brand name Thalomid), invented in 1954, is now used to treat leprosy and bone marrow cancer.

In 2018, BIOCAD (St. Petersburg) registered a patent for levilimab (trade name Ilsira). Then it was registered, first of all, as a substance for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and a number of similar diseases. However, even then the drug showed a much wider range of properties, that made it possible to predict the possibility of its use for the treatment and prevention of other diseases.

And COVID-19 or coronavirus has become such a disease ... . It turned out that the properties of the patented drug described in the published patent, its ability to counteract inflammatory processes, can reduce the risk of lung tissue damage of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The medicine that was patented two years ago, an application for which was filed in 2016, has shown its effectiveness in a pandemic, seriously reducing the probability of lung tissue damage - the main cause of death for patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The drug was registered by the Russian Ministry of Health early June. The Ministry noted that levilimab reduces the development of so-called cytokine storm, an excessive inflammatory response of the body to the virus, which leads to the damage of tissues and organs, in particular, lung tissue, and to a severe course of the disease that might be fatal. Thus, levilimab, patented in 2018, became the second official Russian medicine against the COVID-19 and proved its effectiveness.




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