The government will grant the right to obtain patents in electronic form



According to the statement of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, in the framework of the national program “Digital Economy”, the Government prepared amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to improve the system of state registration of intellectual property objects, which provide for the right holder to obtain a patent in electronic form. But this does not deprive him of the opportunity to receive a title of protection on paper. Everyone who applies to Rospatent for obtaining rights to intellectual property will now have the opportunity to illustrate their invention: the application can be supplemented with a three-dimensional model of the object in electronic form.

The bill was approved at a government meeting on 08.08.2019. See publication text:

The government will grant the right to obtain patents in electronic form // TASS.- 2019.- August 8.- Access mode: https://tass.ru/ekonomika/6745114 [08.08.2019]

See also: Filonenko V. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the bill on the grant of patents in electronic form. - 2019. - August 8. - Access mode: https://www.pnp.ru/economics/kabmin-odobril-zakonoproekt-o-vydache-patentov-v-elektronnoy-forme.html [08.08.2019]



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