Operational diagnosis for coronavirus patients


Russian doctors discovered an ultrasound method to assess the severity of pneumonia in case of COVID-19
Patent: 2729368
Authors: Margarita Kirillova; Yulia Stepanova

Patentholder: A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery Revishvili Amiran Shotaevich



Multi-slice spiral computed tomography (MSCT) has been widely used to assess the severity of pneumonia, caused by COVID-19. It was discovered that when the patient receives ultrasound examination of the lung tissue together with MSCT the ultrasound diagnosis has the same accuracy as MSCT.  

The original principle of a new method is to divide the pulmonary fields into certain zones, in which a combination of meaningful diagnostic changes typical for pneumonia triggered by COVID-19 are revealed. This approach makes it possible to discover even minimal pathological changes in the lung tissue.

The main benefit of the method is the absence of radiation exposure to the lungs, often weakened by the disease. Consequently, the highly precise ultrasound method allows the patient to be diagnosed as often as it is required.

The ultrasound method is also an easier and more affordable diagnostic method. Any doctor having the skills to conduct an ultrasound scan can perform it, and patients do not need to be transported to special MSCT rooms. Accordingly, there is no need to carry out additional anti-epidemic measures.   

More details on this method is in the published patent.



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