The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mishustin M.V. illustrated his speech at the digital forum with a video on the development of IT


Photo: RIA News

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin has demonstrated a video on theme of how digital technologies transform business and company interaction on 31.01.2020 at the Digital Future of the Global Economy forum in Alma-Ata. The video presentation had also talked about the development of big data arrays, artificial intelligence and crypto currencies. Mishustin M.V. noted that the joint consumption economy is creating a new competitive environment where there is no room for intermediaries and the relationship between seller and buyer is often not visible to regulatory authorities. He concluded that digital business requires a minimum of tangible assets, “talent and knowledge and intellectual property, if you like, intangible assets” come to the forefront, which can easily cross state borders. As a result, countries lose their right to profit from products that were created on their territory and many international institutions today are rethinking the processes of distributing global profits. See the publication text.


See the publication text.



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