Roving Webinar on WIPO Services and Initiatives (in Russian)


We invite you to join free interactive Roving Webinar on WIPO Services and Initiatives on 24 November 2020.

The Roving Webinar will present various WIPO services and initiatives, including international registration systems, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as IP platforms and tools for the connected knowledge economy and intensive communications.

The topics covered by the Webinar sill include:

  • International protection of your inventions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT);

  • International protection of your trademarks and geographical indications under the Hague System;

  • International protection of your industrial designs under the Lisbon System;

  • WIPO PROOF: a new digital business service that provides a date- and time-stamped digital fingerprint of any file, proving its existence at a specific point in time;

  • Dispute resolution outside of national courts with WIPO Alternative Dispute: mediation, arbitration, and domain name dispute resolution;

  • Global databases for IP platforms and tools for the connected knowledge economy;

The event will take place virtually at 12:00 (Moscow time) on 24 November 2020.






Webinar participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions in an interactive Q&A session after the end of the presentation.



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