Intellectual Property Digest

November 2020

Parliamentary newspaper: Payments of remuneration for service inventions will triple

Parliamentary newspaper: The Federation Council of the Russian Federation ratified the Protocol on the Protection of Industrial Designs in the EAEU

Grigory Ivliev speech: "Combining the efforts of business and Rospatent will create conditions for successful innovation activities"

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Who will benefit from the EAEU Trademark Agreement?

Grigory Ivliev speech: "I'm not surprised that Russia was the first to create a vaccine against COVID-19"

Parliamentary newspaper: The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the deadline for fulfilling obligations under agreements on subsidies for scientific research

RIA News: Russia issued 74 patents for developments to combat coronavirus

Parliamentary newspaper: Trademarks will be protected throughout the Eurasian Economic Union

January 2020

President Vladimir Putin Demands a Breakthrough in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

Rospatent Determined the Patents for the Most Outstanding Intentions of 2019

December 2019

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev

November 2019

Strategic Intelligence: The Legal Aspect

Cabinet of Ministers approved draft law on compulsory licensing of drugs

Russian people began to file more international patent applications

October 2019

Ministry of Health: registration of a generic will be possible after the expiration date of the original patent

September 2019

EAEU single trademark validity could be expanded to more countries

Results Rospatent’s work in July 2019: it is possible to register a trademark in less than half a year

August 2019

Manturov supported the idea of using folk crafts in an urban environment

Creating a class of effective copyright holders

The Government of Russian Federation introduced to the State Duma a bill on the right to obtain patents in electronic form

Vladimir Putin spoke about the support of talented children

Credits secured by intellectual property - for SMEs and not only. Part III

Credits against intellectual property — for SMEs and not only. Part I-II


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