Digital Rospatent

Rospatent actively uses the WIPO platform to promote Russian initiatives related to the digitalization of intellectual property at the international level.

The work of the Task Forces continued within the framework of the WIPO Standards Committee. The Russian Federation led Task Forces on a Creation of a new WIPO standard for using 3D models and images in application and publication documents, as well as on Blockchain technology.

3D Task Force on the use of 3D models and images defines the main tasks, goals, formats, technical means, best practices for working with three-dimensional images, as well as the legal framework in this area. Currently, research is being conducted on the use of 3D models and images in the work of offices, as well as on the examples of industrial use. Based on the results of consultations with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, including service users, recommendations will be developed on the industrial standardization of 3D models and images, and the corresponding WIPO Standard will be prepared Blockchain Task Force analyzes data on the experience of offices and on the examples of industrial use of technology, as well as on the opportunities of using Blockchain technology for IP protection, information processing on objects for IP right protection and their future use for the preparation of recommendations for the corresponding WIPO Standard.

A comprehensive dialogue is maintained within the framework of Task Force: communication is carried out through a thematic electronic forum and videoconferences.

The Russian side supports a comprehensive expert dialogue on digitization. With the support of WIPO, international conferences on Digital Transformation are being held annually in Moscow.

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